Croc’s License

Greetings. We are glad that you decided to use our software and services. We hope that using our software and services will make your life easier and bring fun in your life. This paper contains terms of use of our software and services that you have to follow if you want to use them. When we made software and services we considered especially how to help you in your life or how to entertain you and we hope that you will take us everywhere with you.

Our software is distributed in two ways – either free ad driven version or full “Pro” version completely without ads. Free version could have some functionality restrictions too. If you don’t like to use software with ads, please consider buying full version and support this way further development.

Our software can contain components of third parties. In this case you agree to follow terms of use of third parties too (such as Goggle terms of use).

We promise that our software and services won’t do any harmful activity. We won’t provide your personal data to third parties unless you give us your permission. But our software can collect some information about you or your device for advertisement or software optimizations purposes e.g. your language, location of device type.

You agree that you will use common sense in your actions with our software and services and that you will try to prevent any harm. For example you will not use our software while driving motor vehicle or during other activities which needs your full attention.

By agreeing with this license or by using of our software or services you also agree that you won’t do any harmful activity. You won’t try to find out how our software or service works by means of reverse engineering or any other way and that you won’t try to make any harm to our company. You aren’t allowed to use our logos or trademarks. You aren’t allowed to change, copy, distribute, sell or rent our software and services unless we give you written permission. We can stop providing our services any time.

If our software or service will allow to create user generated content, you agree that you provide only content you are owner of copyright or that you won’t violate copyright of third parties and you agree us to use such content in our software and services.

To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all warranties related to our software and services. We won’t be responsible for lost profits, revenues, data, financial losses, indirect or consequential damages. Warranties are limited to the amount you paid us to use our software or services. We exclude all responsibility that use of our software or services could bring.

Our software should not contain materials harmful fur children with exception of ads in ads driven versions of our software and services, where we cannot control ads shown. You should use our software if you are in legal age or under supervisions of parents.

Software can contain links to web pages or ads that may be downloaded from Internet, that may mean additional fees.

This application may collect and use some information about you, this data can be used to analyze your behavior within application.

This license can be changed by us without previous notice. Recent version could be found on our web License is written in English. Translations may exist but have only informative character. If there is conflict between English version and translation then English version should be considered as true. If you do not agree with actualized version of license you should stop to use our software or service.

We thank you that you use our software and services

Yours CrocInSocks team